Youth Sports Camps – Risk Management

Whether you operate an overnight camp, day camp or simply provide private training, as a provider of services to youth participants, you operate in a legally precarious environment.  Even unsubstantiated allegations can permanently damage the reputations of your company and coaches.  You depend on the confidence that parents place in you.  You depend on your staff coaches to deliver safe and appropriate experiences to your campers.  What are you doing to make sure your reputation is not in danger? At Placek Consulting, we work with you to customize a risk management plan that incorporates the best current child protection policies while being careful not to overburden your organization with administrative demands.  We write a plan the works for you and guide you through its implementation.  In addition, under our licensing program, you receive free plan updates for the life of the plan, as threats and best practices evolve. Don’t wait until you have a problem to address it!  To get started on a plan for your camp, contact Scott Placek at 512-782-9940.  The initial consultation is free.